Clear Water Drum

Indie folk/alternative country music sung in Cherokee

About Clear Water Drum

Clear Water Drum are singer/songwriters Spyder & Tekakwitha Webb. The indie folk/alternative country duo are anchored by the big powwow drum, with the addition of acoustic folk string instruments. Their music drives the powerful dance beat that they have come to be known for in their years as a powwow drum/singing group. All their songs are original.

Rooted in & honoring traditional indigenous cultures, French, Metis, Spanish, Mexica, Scots-Irish & Cherokee, Clear Water Drum’s music is an expression of the changing, living melding of cultures of today. With influences from many musical traditions including powwows, folk, roots and country music, and even rock, this is music that makes you want to get up and dance!

The singer/songwriter duo have spoken on the blending of Native and other cultures in contemporary America at conferences, schools, seminars & civic events. They have stressed the importance of respecting the First Nations culture. So much has not been taught in schools relating to the First Nations Peoples.

Clear Water’s music speaks to the spirits and hearts of the listeners, and their goal is to bring a spirit of peace, joy & healing wherever their music is heard. They have spoken to people of all cultures to never feel inferior or superior, but grateful & respectful to those who came before them.

Having traveled to Canada, Mexico, Central and South America & Europe they understand the importance of music being a language within itself that transcends language and cultural divisions. It is not necessary to understand the lyrics in order to feel the spirit of the song. For those who don’t understand the words, the vocals can simply be enjoyed as another instrument. For those who do understand the words, they can truly feel the blessing that Spirit has passed on through song.

Their recent recordings are powerful songs with broad crossover appeal for people of all cultures and backgrounds. Clear Water Drum’s addition of traditional folk string instruments to native percussion echoes the time when Appalachian music was born as the Scots-Irish and First Nations peoples first came together to form a new culture and a new music. They’ve chosen to sing in Cherokee rather than English to bring a new balance to this blending of music and culture.


One thought on “About Clear Water Drum

  1. I’m glad to discover your website and music! I was looking for fellow musicians ordained by IMM and thought I’d reach out and say hello. 🙂 I’m enjoying your music and look forward to hearing and learning more. Many blessings!

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