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FIVE ISMA Nominations!

Anidohi CoverWe are SO excited to announce that we have received 5 Indian Summer Music Awards nominations for our 12th CD “Anidohi.” You can purchase the physical CD or download it here, or download from iTunes or your favorite music download source.

2 songs for Best Country Recording, 2 for Best Folk Recording, and 1 for Best Rock Recording!

You can find the nominated songs here.

They are, for Best Country Recording:

  • Celebration Song
  • Dances in Beauty

For Best Folk Recording:

  • Celebration Song (Yep, same song nominated in 2 categories)
  • World Neighbor Prayer

For Best Rock Recording:

  •  Gratitude Song

These are our first nominations in Country and Rock, and we are just so honored for all the nominations, because both the nominations and the final awards are chosen by music and recording industry professionals — in other words, it’s a level playing field for all recording artists, and not a matter of how many people you know.

“Clear Water consistently puts out music like no other… You guys never miss when it comes to your music! I can see why Anidohi has been nominated for awards in different categories at the ISMA! 

“I always read what you write on the inside cover and think about the message you are giving through your songs. I also read the names of each song and what they are about as I go through the CD and just try to think upon the message. I feel so many different emotions as I listen to your music – peace, joy, prayer, celebration and healing… Your music is a true gift.” — Carol Baptiste

I always love hearing your music.  It always makes me ‘Feel Good’ deep down.  It makes me feel happy and connected.  Your music is inspiring and healing in a way I can not explain.  It heals the spirit.  It is like a banquet of the best food, but for the soul and spirit instead of my tummy. — Deb Taylor-Johnson

Our 13th CD, “Adasegogisdi” was just released this past June, and you can hear it or purchase either a physical CD or download here, or from your usual music download site.

It’s another great batch of all new, all original killer dance music with acoustic instruments and the big powwow drum!


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