Clear Water Drum

Indie folk/alternative country music sung in Cherokee

Woo-hoooo! Three Finalist ISMA nominations!!!

We have exciting news! We’ve been selected as Finalists in the top-5 for the Folk & Spiritual categories from our 11th CD, “Alii.” Three songs from the CD are on the Finalist list! In the ISMA (Indian Summer Music Awards) the Finalists & Awards are decided by a panel of music industry judges so this one is especially meaningful to us.

The songs are “Love Is Powerful” “Free Thinker” both for Best Folk Recording and “Mending the Sacred Hoop” for Best Spiritual Recording.

Every time we get a nomination it is so exciting! We couldn’t be where we are without your interest & encouragement. Thank you everyone!

And in case you missed the announcement, we released our 12th CD, “Anidohi” (The Messenger) this summer.


Author: Spyder Webb

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