Clear Water Drum

Indie folk/alternative country music sung in Cherokee

Nammy Nomination!

We just received official notice that we’ve been nominated for another NAMMY (Native American Music Awards)!

The nomination is for our 10th CD, Adageyudi, and for the song “Sing With Joy”

Voting is open to the general public at

The awards ceremony is November 14, so there’s not much time. We’d sure like to encourage everyone to go over to the NAMMY site and vote — every vote counts!

Eleventh CD Released!

This August we released our eleventh CD, Alii (Friendship)! It’s available on iTunes or your favorite download site, or from CD Baby at Or of course, directly from us.

This latest CD as always is built around the powerful beat of the powwow drum, but we’ve added guitar, banjo, mandolin, mandola and bass. The result is a powerful new blend of dance music that will get your feet moving in spite of yourself!

The southeastern and Appalachian areas were the original home of the Cherokee and other Native peoples. It was also where Scots Irish settlers came in great numbers. The Scots and Irish were persecuted minorities in Britain, and were societies based on the clan system, as the Southeast Natives were. So it was only natural that they formed a kinship and intermarried in great numbers.

This was the beginning of a new culture, the Appalachian. The Celtic settlers brought new instruments and new musical forms to these ancient lands. With Alii, we have incorporated many of these instruments into an exploration that includes subtle musical influences from many world cultures in this twenty-first century world — a world that continues to enrich us all as our cultures flow together in the digital age.

And so the powwow drum and the Cherokee language blaze new musical trails, creating a new form of uniquely American music much as Blues and Rock were born of the fusion of energies that is America.

Download the music and hear for yourself as a new chapter in American musical history is born:


Author: Spyder Webb

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