Clear Water Drum

Indie folk/alternative country music sung in Cherokee

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Let’s make it simple, and get first things first. If you want to hear samples from our last two CD’s, or purchase downloads, one click will take you to our store. If you want to check out our entire discography, is probably the best place to go. If you want to hear full tracks or full CD’s, you can hear us worldwide on Spotify, Rdio and Jango. And of course, there’s always iTunes!

Our last two CD’s feature a greater mix of acoustic folk instruments, while the first eight, with the exception of one or two songs, are almost entirely vocal and Native percussion — powwow drum, water drum, and shakers of various kinds.

Our latest CD (#10) is called Adageyudi (Love). Eight of the songs feature a range of acoustic folk and country instruments, in addition to the percussion we’ve always built our music on. Just to be clear, the drum is the foundation of every song on every CD. There is no rock and roll style drum kit on any of our songs. What we’ve done on this CD is added acoustic six and twelve-string guitars, bass and Strumstick (stick dulcimer). The other two songs feature only our traditional percussion instruments accompanying the vocals.

Our previous CD (#9) is called Ayosgi (Soldier), and is dedicated to our veterans. Two songs on this CD received nominations for major national awards. “Ameliga,” a prayer song for our country, was nominated for Best Spiritual Recording at the Indian Summer Music Awards (ISMA). This was the second ISMA nomination we’ve received, the first being for Best Traditional Drum for the song “Iyelidi” (Imagine) on our CD Itsula (Together).

Also on Ayosgi, our “Honor Song to Lori Piestewa” was nominated for a NAMMY (Native American Music Awards) for Best Folk Recording. Lori Piestewa was the 1st First Nations woman to die in combat for the United States. About half the songs on Ayosgi feature acoustic guitars, the other half only percussion accompaniment.

It can be a little tough to categorize our new music, but indie folk/alternative country seems to be about right given the available categories. The Appalachians are an area of the country where there was a lot of blending of Native and European culture, which contributed to the incredibly rich and vibrant musical heritage of the region. It’s an area that gave rise to much of what we now think of as folk or country music. We’ve been fascinated with this blend of heritages, and on our last two recordings we’ve found our own way to interpret the fusing of these two very different musical roots.


Author: Spyder Webb

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